Sarah Stanley Approved

one of our core values is integrity


What products can you trust these days? What companies actually care about your health and the planet? Are there any companies with values and integrity? We cut through the hype, dissect the ingredients, use ourselves as guinea pigs, and as a result you have a list of products that you can buy with peace of mind knowing your health and the environment are being taken care of.

One of our core values is integrity. Companies can not buy or sweet talk their way onto this list. We receive no kickbacks. Some products on this list we’ve used our whole life. Others are new companies on the market that we love and support! You can feel 500% confident that what we approve is good for you.

This page will be updated regularly. If a product starts to have questionable ingredients, they will be removed from the list.

This is your trusted source for brands that meet our criteria: ethical, honest, use organic ingredients, sustainable, good people, fair trade.

This is #SSapproved.

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