get to know me... 

Many folks have asked Sarah Stanley if she's been running all of her life, and she tells them yes, but it’s not running alone that’s propelled her across the finish line of so many marathons and ultra-marathons. Sarah was born and grew up on one of the first certified organic farms in the country, and it’s from this beginning, toiling day in and out on the farm and not only learning about but living a plant-based, healthful lifestyle that provided the solid foundation for who she is today. But if running is Sarah's soul and a healthy lifestyle her body, then the last remaining factor, and what molded her into the athlete and person she is today is freedom of the mind. As an ultra endurance athlete, Sarah knows that one can reach that golden moment of the runner’s high where you know you’re going to make it to the finish line no matter what, but how does one get to that point? Sarah's learned that being healthy and pushing oneself is not enough: it’s about taking full control of your mind in order to achieve that wholeness of being, so you can truly live freely.

Sarah's been running for over two decades: 42 marathons / ultramarathons (including qualifying for the Boston Marathon) in the last 11 years including eleven 50 milers and four 100 milers and all the while passing on her running knowledge as an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) certified-running coach. Along with 30 years of applied knowledge in organic nutrition, Sarah teaches and firmly believes and lives by the motto that one must live with mind + body + spirit in perfect harmony. 

Besides ultra trail running, Sarah enjoys Kombucha, yoga, weightlifting, road cycling, climbing 14ers (tall mountains), organic food, and, of course, fueling her adventures with a healthy dose of hemp. As the founder of Wellprint, #wellnesschat, and the author of LIVE FREELY, Sarah shares her passion for health, wellness, fitness and real organic food on a daily basis through traditional and social media. Sarah has also been featured in SELF, SHAPE, Ladies’ Home Journal, Washingtonian, Today Show, and NBC Nightly News.

When Sarah's not sharing her passions or running a marathon, she can be found inside cooking a healthful, plant-based organic meal and being a devoted and nurturing mother. Because, in the end, Sarah not only talks the talk, but walks—or rather, runs—the walk!

Some notable personal achievements:

In 2016, Sarah became the only female to run all 6 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile ultramarathons.
To date, Sarah has run FOURTEEN 50 Mile ultra marathons.
Only woman in 2011 to run all 18 Rock ‘n’ Roll races in the series that year.
Overall female winner of 50 Mile Ultra Dash Ultramarathon.
Road cycled 600 miles in 5 days from San Francisco to San Diego to raise support for Kids on Bikes.
Road cycled 300 miles from Washington, D.C. to New York City (with a half marathon thrown in between) in 3 days.
On two separate weekends ran back-to-back marathons in different states on Saturday and Sunday.
Only woman in 2010 to run a Double Boston Marathon (52.4 miles) 4 weeks after completing her first 100 mile ultramarathon Sarah ran in a 24 hour relay race, 3 marathons and 1 half marathon all in a 5 week span.