Live Freely Code

our vision for the world


We believe that love always trumps hate, love can tear down walls, bring peace to the hurting and we want our life to be an example of His love.


We believe that sweating daily not only keeps you young, it gives you a spring in your step and appreciation of life.


Keep the faith

We believe that faith can get you through dark times and keep you focused in the good times.

Eat live,
real food

We believe that eating real, organic, live food is one of the foundations to living life freely. Kale chips +  Kombucha anyone?

LIVE to make a positive difference

We believe in making a positive difference in the world and giving back every chance we get- without expecting anything in return.

LIVE WITH a defined + positive purpose

We believe that having a defined + positive purpose gives you direction in your life. 

LIVE WITH zealous passion

We believe that when you live with a zealous passion, life becomes happier, the world looks brighter and your perspective on life takes on a whole new, joyful meaning.