I was in Long Beach, CA the other weekend as a guest of  AC Milan/Nutrilite. Sunday night we went to the AC/Galaxy game. And we had VIP perks. Sweet! While thinking about this VIP status I was reminded that we are all very important people. Just because our group had special seats (and let's not forget the food) it didn't mean that we were better then the people who didn't have them. Sometimes when we receive the VIP treatment it is easy to act like "we" are in a different class then others. But in fact, we are all the same. Each of us is a very important person. If we would remember that on a daily basis and treat others like that our world would be a very different place. My challenge to myself as well as to you is to treat EVERYONE you come in contact with to treat as a very important person. Because you may be the only person to show them you care. VIP rocks!

Photo by Saquan