Whoa. I must have hit a nerve. I have received a lot of "amens!", "right on" and "but they trained 12 weeks before running" and that's why I am writing part two. Here are some more reasons (facts) to ponder.

#1) "Training" the previous 12 weeks is not training. You wouldn't take a newborn baby and expect them to drive home from the hospital would you? These people landed on the ranch, started working out for 8+ hours. A DAY. Many for the first time in their life. Or for the first time in a very long time. Combine ludicrous workouts with low calorie diets, of course they are going to drop weight. And why are they losing weight rapidly? Their body is in shock!!! This is NOT training. Its fat loss.

#2) They live in a fake environment. The real world is where it all takes place. Living on the ranch secludes you from facing everything that you just left behind. Running (no pun intended) from your environment [problems] won't solve anything. Sure, go live on a ranch for three months. Then go back to your home. Your neighborhood. Your job. Drive past Krispy Kreme or the pizza joint. That's the real world. No eight hour workouts. No trainers screaming in your face. No prizes dangling in your eyes. Yes, the contestants do go back to their home when they are kicked off the show or if they reach the magic week cutout. I'm rambling. Here is my point: A ranch [show] won't change your life, only you can. It starts with YOU. And only you.

#3) It's not instant. It took years of bad & poor choices to get where you are today, why do you think it will come off in days or months? People will buy a quick fix. They will make excuses why they can't move. They put their faith, trust and hope in pills, surgery, shows, etc, not in their ability to believe that the answer is right between their ears.

Bottom line: If you have 5 pounds or 276 pounds to lose, I encourage you to believe that your key to weight loss is you. I know its hard. I am not saying its a piece of cake. What I am saying that if you start putting your faith in believing that you can, then you will. Will some of you need surgery? Perhaps so. But regardless if you do or don't it all starts with simple things. Like walking around the block. Then one day running. You knew I had to say that ;) Drinking water instead of  juice. Eating an apple vs a cookie. Is it as glamorous as being on TV? Probably not. But remember, reality TV is seconds, your life is years.

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I might not be The Biggest Loser, but I'm here to help where I can. And if I can't, I have awesome resources that can.

Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who is an health, fitness and wellness advocate. And loves helping people- be it to make them laugh or to cross the finish line of a 5k. For more inspiration, sign up for her monthly e-newsletter.

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