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Inspired Living

Who Wants Cookies?

Sarah Stanley

Change of plans for me means goodies for you. As in cookies, brownies, bars-you know the wonderful calorie stuff you are craving:) So, here is what I am going to do (don't let me bake for myself now!) #1) I will bake cookies, brownies, bars, etc

#2) You will get a 2 dozen assortment

#3) Pay $30.00 via PayPal (if you want to give more, that would be awesome! Be sure to include the address so I can ship them to you!)

#4) Where does the money go? Good question! Two of the causes I help support are Luke's Wings & The Disposable Hero's Project. So, do some good this season & help me, help them.

#5) So, please make me happy in my kitchen this week. Come on, you know you want too:)

PS: I had a bakery back in the day. You know they will be fabulous! :)

Caution: May contain nuts, dairy, calories & the need for more.

UPDATE: Because of the demand, I will be doing this until the end of the year. If you have a cookie exchange, this is a PERFECT idea (if I do say so myself). If you need express shipping, let me know (additional charges may apply).

Photo by Visualpanic