Let's face it. As runners, cyclists, swimmers or people who just like to workout, we don't like to rest. Add an injury to the mix & we become a very bad friend. We have friends logging ridiculous miles, endless laps and lots of reps at the gym. One topic we don't hear a lot about is rest and recovery. At least not me. So, at the urge of my sports chiropractor & massage therapist, I'm going to cover this topic probably more then you ever thought possible! Aren't you glad? :)

Here's the scoop. I have successfully managed to **gasp** over train my body.  This past August I ran my 100 miler, then, much to the chagrin of Dr. Rick, only took 4 weeks "off." I then proceeded to run 5 races in 5 weeks, traveled over 5k miles, and barely slept. Breathing wasn't even on my radar.

And I won't even rehash the last 5 weeks!

I will be the first to admit that I am Type A++, high energy, and am in overdrive pretty much all the time. Life in the fast lane baby! While these are good characteristics, at some point I need to slow down. What better way to do that then to have 3 (seriously THREE) blizzards in one Winter. Trust me. I counted them all.  Since the trails were head high deep in snow, I had to run on blacktop. News alert. My body is not a fan of pavement. AT ALL.

Long story short, my body began to react. Dr. Rick & Dr. Brooks kindly reminded me that recovery was essential to my well being.

As someone who lives & breathes athletics, hearing the word "rest" isn't exactly what you want to hear. Maybe you have an injury. Maybe you over trained like me. Maybe you need to rest.  Perhaps you had a surgery. Whatever your story may be, I hope that you find the coming months of my recovery thoughts helpful to you. I'll be sharing ways to workout while resting, healthy foods to eat, and advice from my support team. I think you'll dig it.

Who knows maybe we'll start our own little AA (Athlete's Anonymous ) support group:)

**Disclaimer. I'm not saying sit on the couch. Not advocating the woe is me life style. You'll have to come back for what I AM talking about:)

Photo by: powi