Last week I wrote: "sometimes I just wish God would write in the dirt for what I am supposed to do." Recently I've been facing some frustrating, tough, white-knuckled life decisions. The kind that makes you want to run for the hills and forget about reality for just a little while. But since that is not an option, I do know what is: continuing to seek God's plan for my life. But what does that mean? It's not like it is written in the dirt or the sky for EXACTLY what I am supposed to do. Or is it?

More than anything, I long and desire to do what God wants me to do. And I think that is the first step for walking in God's plan for your life. If you are seeking His will for what you do, how you live and what choices you make, you are acknowledging that you need His help. You can't seek if you don't desire to seek.

How do you know if you should have (more) kids? Who to marry? That house to buy? What race to run? What job not to take? Where to live? And the host of other life decisions that bombard us day in and day out. What food to avoid? It is easy to not care what God wants for your life and just live by the world's standards. But since that is not an option for me, how do I learn to seek God every.single.moment? Here are my "top three" to seeking God's will and plan for my life.

Read. The. Bible. One of my goals for 2012 is to read the entire Bible (thank you YouVersion for the app and plan!) And just not cramming it in during last month of the year, but each and every day. As of this writing, it is day 114! By reading God's word and trying to live by His principles, I'm  learning how to make godly choices vs. self-satisfying choices. Do things always make sense? No, of course not. Do some things make total sense? Absolutely. That is called growth. I have also included other daily devotionals that are helping me to see things from a different perspective. Each and every day before I jump out of bed I start my day with God. If I'm going to figure out his plan for my life I had better seek him first before anything else. Here are my "top three" to seeking God's will and plan for my life.

Pray. All. The. Time. This is something I've been doing for a while. I pray while cycling, while I run, while I cook, while I work. And specifically. I tell Him what is going on. What I am feeling. The choices I have to make. Everything. I pour my heart out to God. He already knows what I'm going through and what I will go through, but by stopping to acknowledge that I need him, it symbols a dependence on Him, not on my strength alone.

Seek. Godly. Wisdom.  I am grateful to have great, godly friends. Last week I was so overwhelmed with the things that were hitting me faster than I could count to 7, I talked to a good friend. Who shared this with me. Make choices that are

1) Spiritual

2) Emotional

3) Financial

This was SO powerful to me. So often I make choices that either emotional or financial first, not second or third. This totally changed my thinking around and made a few decisions easier to make. Once we start to change our thinking to this pattern, big and small decisions become (somewhat) easier to make. I'm not saying it is easy to make, but when the choice is based first by God's plan vs. ours, life goes so much smoother. It's when we react with emotion or based on financial reasons alone that things start to go haywire. Godly wisdom and perspective is great. If you don't have godly friends, I pray that you will find some.

I don't have all the answers. In fact I have very few. But I know this much in trying to live, breathe and move by God's plan for my life that when I seek His plan for my life, He will guide me. Will I get it right each and every time? Nope. I am human. I have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. But in those mistakes, God can still bring blessing and understanding and growth.

Are you trying to figure out what you are supposed to do with your life? Are you frustrated because you aren't seeing God's writing in the dirt? I urge you to start seeking Him by the top three: daily reading the Bible, daily prayer and having godly friends. Truly desire to seek His plan for your life.

God's writing is in the dirt, we just have to work diligently to find it.

Jesus, may we each long to live by your plan for our lives. May we not grow weary in seeking you. Your plan is the best plan. Help us to seek you in all we do, live and say. Amen.


photo by: [Bellie]