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Inspired Living

When you are famous, remember me

Sarah Stanley

Some friends and I were talking on our run yesterday. As we (well, ok, mainly me) were chatting about things, my thoughts were stuck on the common line that we say to friends/others: "when you are famous, remember me". We move through life at a very fast pace. It is easy to forget about friends who have encouraged us. Given support when needed. Listened to us vent. Or just be there.

Often as we go through life, friends come and go. But it is important to remember those people who have impacted your life and "have been there" for you, no matter what. Where you are in life is due in part to having the support of awesome people who care about you.

Now, I am not famous. But I was moved by that tag line. I have many things going on, but I needed to thank some friends who have blessed my life. Are some of your friends or people that impacted your life waiting to hear from you? Take a moment & let them know that you are thankful for having them in your life! Not only will they be blessed, but you as well!

Photo by Jaci Berkopec