A few weeks ago, Twitter was hacked. Facebook also had its woes. Recently Gmail went down. Whats a girl to do? If you were like me, it felt like my blood supply got cut off. Which got me to thinking. What did I (or we) do when social media or technology goes down? We are used to having technology relationships. But what about real life relationships? Maybe you are connected on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Digg, (yes even email). But when it fails, what will you do?

I encourage you to pick up the phone & call a friend.....or two. Grab a pen & piece of paper and send a note. Go meet someone for lunch (not business!), dinner or brunch. Go workout with a friend (you knew I had to stick that in there).

Social media is more than just about having online friendships. Its about being sociable outside of the online world:)

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography