So, one of the benefits of training so many hours is that I get to think. A lot. Maybe too much at times. However, I hope that my thoughts impact your life! This weekend as I was thinking, I was drawn to the recurring theme of motivation. We all need motivation in our lives. Yup, even me! What is our source of motivation? Is it from with-in? Or do we need constant "things" to keep us going?

As I was thinking about this, I reflected on my own life. I get a lot of questions/comments/reactions when people hear that I train for ultra's. The #1 is: "how do you do it?". (And the tie question is "you are crazy:)). And you know what my reply is? It goes something like this: I just set my mind to it & don't really think about it. And yes, I am just a **little** crazy, thanks for affirming that, lol! :)

If I would concentrate on the amount of hours I spend training. Or the many, many, many (did I say many?) miles I will run/ride. Or the amounts of some really less then delicious pre/post recovery drinks I have to consume. Or the pain I feel. Or when I really don't feel like getting up at 4:30am to run AGAIN. Or whatever. I would definitely have a much harder time keeping motivated. So, what DO I do to stay motivated?

I start with staying focused on the goal. When I think about what I am doing in the future, it is easier to focus on the present. Pretty simple, but it works!

I also just set my mind to it. I don't think about the race miles. I do think about running the race & finishing. I think of all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears & more sweat that goes into preparing for a race (or a beast) of this nature! Another thing I do, is that I just go out and do it. I try to just picture the number as just a regular number. Nothing special. Just me & my legs (oops, almost got my dear feet) along for the journey, um, run.

And, I am thankful for getting done. Nothing like just finishing a 12 mile run before 8 am on a weekday morning! It feels great! That feeling continues onto the next workout.

And last but not least, the MAIN REASON that keeps me motivated, is YOU. Yup, YOU. I train for ultra races because I believe that leading by example is the only way "to do it". If I can run 50 or 100 miles, then it is my prayer & hope that you can get active doing something. And it doesn't have to be running! When you think you can't do whatever (fill in the blank), think of what I am doing on a daily basis and then maybe you can find the courage "to do it".

That's it! I hope these motivational ideas help you. They may not be traditional, but I am not a traditional kind of gal:)

Photo by Frames-of-Mind