The second Monday of every month I am a guest at Everyday Health #healthtalk and today the topic was "healthy breakfast". I had a lot of information to share so here it is for you to come back to and reference :) Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is important because it gets your body ready for the day by simply breaking the fast. Many consequences when you skip

Skipping breakfast leads to eating more later on (that “starving” effect), headaches, fatigue, weight gain.

Skipping breakfast because you don’t “have time” is a lame excuse. You make time for what you want. Make time for your health!

Did you know? 10% of Americans skip breakfast!

(We all have the same amount of time. Laziness and excuses are the culprit. Either your health is worth it to you or not. That simple.)

Skipping breakfast leads to heart disease (Harvard). Want a healthy heart? Start eating a real food breakfast!

Coffee (w/ sugar & cream) or a frapp is not breakfast. Spikes your blood sugar, which causes insulin to rise = weight gain.

Muffins, cereal, toast/bread, pancakes, waffles poor choices for breakfast. These carbs spike blood sugar, cause weight gain.

Nutrition is not found in a cereal box. Nutrition is found in real food.

(The reason cereal, muffins, toast/bread, pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc are poor choices for breakfast is because they are wrong carbs. They spike your blood sugar which leads insulin to rise and then causes weight gain and imbalance.)

Be careful of eating yogurt for breakfast. Most are full of sugar.

Most muffins, cereal, yogurt (and some bread) contain more sugar than a candy bar. (Make your own muffins with organic nut flours.)

Start eating fresh veggies for breakfast! 

Get veggies in your breakfast! A cherry tomato-carrot-fresh basil-spinach saute with egg or tofu scramble, top w/ avocado.

Veggies are on the best of the sources of real carbs you can give your body.

Eat Good Fat! 

Good fat is your friend! Coconut, avocado, hemp, chia, nuts, seeds will help your body feel full, lower risk of heart disease.

A healthy breakfast should have a ratio of good fats, protein, and real carbs (veggies or sprouted grains).

Here are a few of my favorite breakfasts (photos):

Traveling? You can still eat a healthy breakfast! Here’s one of my mine:

Eating greens for breakfast will give you real energy throughout the day. Kale, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass

Eating a healthy real food breakfast is one of the best investments you can do for your body!

Donuts aren’t a breakfast food. Just in case you thought they were :)

Most breakfast foods are laden with sugar, trans fat. Shop at farmer’s market and make your breakfast with real food!

Plan your meals out! Be prepared! You have time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast leads to health issues. Prevent them!

As with all meals, avoid packages, cans, bags, wrappers. Eating real food gives your body life (while the other death & disease).


Eat the whole egg! Nothing is wrong with the yolk. Make sure eggs are from humanely raised chickens. And no Egg Beaters.

Because the egg white only is nearly fat free, it will cause major insulin spike, promote hunger cravings, energy swings later in day.

Eggs come a happy, free range chicken, not from a box or where yolk was removed. The yolk isn’t the problem- fake, lab processed cholesterol is!

The yolk has the most nutrition B2, B12, D, iron. Eat the whole egg!

Make sure your breakfast includes healthy fats so you don’t crash later in the day! Hemp, seeds, nuts, coconut good choices #healthtalk

Skipping breakfast also increase the chance for diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

photo (32)

8 real food breakfast ideas: 

Breakfast idea No.1: eggs+avocado+carrots+cherry tomatoes+kale chips

Breakfast idea No.2: steel cut oats with a scoop of @vegateam protein powder, ground cinnamon, unsweetened shredded coconut

Breakfast idea No.3: slice an organic peach in half, warm slightly, top with sunflower butter, ground cinnamon

Breakfast idea No.4: Green smoothie= kale+spinach+pineapple juice+OJ+hemp milk+hemp protein powder.

Breakfast idea No.5: Blueberry smoothie= blueberries+hemp protein powder+chia seeds+hemp milk

Breakfast idea No.6: tofu scramble = tofu+heirloom tomatoes+swiss chard+shallot+black beans+avocado

Breakfast idea No.7: Chocolate Goddess= cacao powder+banana+strawberries+almond milk+hemp hearts

Breakfast idea No.8: Quinoa bowl= quinoa+chopped walnuts+fresh fruit+ground ginger & cinnamon

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P.S. I'll post some Q & A that I got from the chat so check back often!

Q: What about Special K? A: BHT, Red 40 (petroleum), Blue 1 (tar), etc. Don't eat/buy. This is a highly toxic cereal. The ingredients literally give you cancer/disease.


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