Do you find yourself chugging down coffee, popping energy pills and do whatever you can to find the energy to make it through the day? By taking these simple steps you can find the energy you never had naturally.  These three simple tips can help you to increase your energy as well as improve your mood, productivity, and even help you to lose weight. Today so many of us live busy hectic lives and it is important to have the energy to keep is going without getting drained.  Ready to get energized?  

1.)   Eat breakfast – Eating a balanced breakfast is crucial to jump starting your day for the work ahead. If you want to have energy later in the day, then  you need to make breakfast a priority. Period. Even though you may be tempted to grab that muffin, latte or pastry as you walk out the door, you are wasting your time, instead chose a breakfast that includes some protein, healthy fats, and colorful fruits and vegetables. Some options are oatmeal, smoothie, omelet or whole grain cereal.


2.)   Drink water all day - Water is key to providing sustained energy throughout the day and you can never have too much.  At the very minimum you should drink a full glass of water with every meal and between meals.  If you’re unsure if you are drinking enough water just look at the color of your urine and if it is dark yellow you are not drinking enough water.  Instead of starting your day with coffee, start with a cup of water to jump start your metabolism and keep a water bottle handy all throughout the day to make it easier to consume throughout the day.


3.)   Move, Move, Move – Often times at work you get stuck in meetings, on the phone or at your desk becoming immobile for long periods of time.  Whenever you have a moment MOVE; instead of calling someone in the office, walk down to their office and speak to them personally.  By becoming more personal at the office it will help build better relationships and give you an excuse to stretch and move your muscles that have been immobile for long periods of time.  During your lunch take a walk around the office and when you get home find something you enjoy with your family and loved ones that gets you moving such as games, dancing or walking in the park.