Do you take your wellness seriously? Or do you have a give/take it attitude towards your health? Your health is something you can have a say in. Be it the food you eat (or don't eat), your ability to get your sweat on and of course, your perspective on life. All these things contribute to your wellness and overall quality of life.

According to, the definition of wellness "is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort."

Wellness isn't about being skinny, it is about being healthy in body AND mind. Sometimes we get so focused on the body that we forget all about the mind. Our brain controls everything we do. It has the ability to motivate us or discourage us. To forgive or hold on to bitterness. To get up off the couch and be active or continue to sit and watch life pass you by. Life - wellness - begins in your head.

Wellness is more than just eating your green beans, it's putting on that positive attitude each and every day. A positive perspective can change not only your mood, but also those around you. No one likes to be around a negative, grouchy person - not even them! If you are having a less-than-steller attitude, why not start to change that? It might just change your life!

When you are happy, life can take on a whole new meaning and outlook. Being happy doesn't mean that we aren't affected by sadness and tragedy that is all around us, it means that we can be there for the people in the crisis. Happiness is a state of mind or so the saying goes. If that's true, you better make sure that state is the size of Texas and not Rhode Island. Wellness and happiness go hand-in-hand. If you aren't happy, figure out why and take action steps to change that.

Wellness starts in the head. What can you do for your wellness brain today? Stress less, breathe more? Chase away sadness with a happy attitude? Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you? Go spend actual time with friends? Remember we were made for human connection and interaction. The digital world is great, but it can't replace real-life friendships and connection.

Be well - in body and mind!

peace, sweat, love: life


photo credit: Harlequeen

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