WOW, here it is! A life time of dreams to help others. A hope to impact people with my personal journey through my REAL athletic races & REAL life. A passion to reach & touch as many lives as possible. A strong vision for what is to come! Through this site & blog, my prayer is that YOU will find some little tidbit of inspiration or courage or a laugh or helpful advice. My goal is not only to inspire you with what I do on a daily basis, but that you will pass the inspiration I give to others!

Be it from the trail of life or the trails that I run on, I hope you will see the passion & the determination that drives me to do what I do. As I take on challenging endeavors, I am excited to have you along for the run, pun intended:)

I would be remiss to write this with out thanking all the wonderful people that I have in my life. I could write pages of names of my friends who have been there for me, who have encouraged me, who have believed in me, who back me up 200%. My dear friends, thank you. Words can describe how blessed I feel to have you in my life. I am truly grateful & in awe of you!

To my future friends, a big & wonderful welcome to you. I am delighted & honored to have join me! To your inspired healthy, fit and happy life,


Photo by MR+G