I just saw a fitness trainer promote QuestBars. She's also giving away a box "to a lucky reader". I cringed. (That lucky reader is only going to have health issues from consuming them.) Why do personal trainers promote highly processed junk? Because a PR company reached out to them and they said yes without investigating what is really in that product. Tip: the vast majority of products that PR firms want to give are rarely worth consideration. Please don't sell out for free product.

QuestBar facts: This bar is 100% processed and anything but real food. The protein in this bar comes from dairy (toxic for humans), contains isolate from dairy, "natural flavors" (usually containing MSG, bugs, beavers butts- no joke- and are anything but natural), erythritol (a food additive that can cause gas, diarrhea, headaches, stomachaches).

Protein should come from real food like raw nuts, hemp hearts/seeds, hemp powder, chia, quinoa, legumes, vegetables.

Now. A plea to personal trainers, fitness experts, health experts, or whatever you call yourself, please PLEASE! Start giving this industry some integrity by not accepting everything that comes from a PR company or straight from the company itself. Do your homework. Find out what the label means. Investigate. See above about "natural flavors". Most natural flavors are not natural. The food industry (largely Big Food) spends $40 billion (that's billion with a capital B) is spent on advertising each year. $40 billion on deceptive marketing. 

More than ever before we need to be promoting real food and companies that do the same. You will find that very few meet this criteria. That is why this website is here and why our Twitter and Instagram and Facebook pages exist.  Encourage people to cook with real food. Motivate people to really learn what they are putting in their bodies. That is our mission here.

This is only going to get harder. With the rise of GMO, health-washing, and use of false health terms, we need people who are committed to calling out the untruths in the food industry. (Robyn O'Brien  Andy Bellatti and Michele Simon do a great job on this.)

This is one of my passions. I pray that you will be proactive at learning what you put in your body. too. And also what you are promoting. Not all products are created equal. And not all products are rarely worth selling your soul for (free).


Photo credit: jinxmcc