Here is the recap of today's #HealthTalk of practical ways to Fall into Fitness!

  • The average American only gets 5k steps per day. The recommended amount is 10k. Don't be average!
  • Get in a workout first thing at the start of the day! You’ll have more energy, focus, stamina throughout the rest of the day.
  • Holiday parties (can you believe it?!) are around the corner! Get in shape for them now!
  • Pick a new fitness goal for the next 3 months. Ideas: a running race, holding plank, lifting for sculpted legs/body, faster runner
  • Tip: you can’t spot reduce fat. It takes overall cardio and fitness exercises to lose fat.
  • Lower body fat = nutrition, abdominal fat = stress, hormones.

Tip No.1) Drink water! Staying hydrated helps with overall fitness. Half of bodyweight in ounces (i.e. 200lbs = 100 ounces of H2O)

Tip No.2) Go for a 10 min walk on the hour during your 8-5

Tip No.3) Get a co-worker to join you for a lunchtime walk

Tip No.4) Always take the stairs. Stairs build endurance, leg strength, overall fitness

Tip No.5) Losing weight is 90% good nutrition and 10% exercise. Eating right is critical for fitness to happen

Tip No.6) Use outside as your gym! Run, walk outside, go to a playground and use benches for step-ups, tricep dips, monkey bars=bonus!

Tip No.7) Recruit a friend in your fitness journey! Workout together, encourage each other, work towards goals together!

Tip No.8) Stair workouts are awesome, quick way to build strength. Find bleachers, school stadiums, etc. Leg lifts, box/stair jumps, hops. A sample stair workout I did last week (middle of article)

Tip No.9) Walk when you talk on the phone!

Tip No.10) Have active work meetings! You are more creative when you think clearly w/out stuffy office!

Tip No.11) The key is to move throughout the day, all day. Electrical activity in legs stops as soon as you sit!

Tip No.12) Ditch the treadmill! Fresh air does a body good! Walk/run outside! Enjoy the changing colors, nature, life.

Tip No.13) Make a screenshot with your fitness goal and save it as your home screen.

Tip No.14) You make time for what you want! Excuses don’t get results, commitment does.

Tip: No.15) Commit. Action.  Repeat.

Bonus tip: be as active as much as you sit and watch TV!