So what do the color run, night time glow run series, mud runs, and zombie chases all have in common? -  sold out tickets and long waiting lists.  Whether a frequent runner or a newbie; fun runs are becoming increasing popular and creating a new interest in the art of running.   Race directors are constantly thinking outside the box to create fun and creative ways to keep runners coming back for more.

If you have strictly been running marathons for years and are unfamiliar with the concept of fun runs, they are simply friendly races that involve either road running or cross country running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition.  Some of the most popular races are Glo Run series races, where runners wear glow in the dark T-shirts and plastic jewelry and run through black lights and strobe lights.  Others include The Color Run, where participants run through a blaze of color corn starch at each kilometer.

With the outrageous obstacles, outlandish costumes, and thousands of participants eager to race, and simply just have fun; who wouldn’t want to participate in a fun run? Although personally I have not participated in a fun run, I have definitely added a fun run or two on my bucket list and will participate once I find a partner that is just as motivated as me to do one.   As more races are added each year and more participants compete, it increases my desire to go for it.   Unlike the common marathon race where anxiety,anticipation and intimidation often occurs; fun runs strip that feeling away and allows participants to just go out and have fun.

Many may say fun runs aren’t really races and jeopardizes the real art of running, but not everyone wants to be a marathon runner or improve their running speed; they just want to run.   With the rise of fun runs, it is a great break from the avid marathon training and something groups, colleagues and friends can participate in no matter what their training background may be.   Who’s to say participants that join fun runs won’t want to become more serious about running and participate in triathlon or marathon.   Whatever your interest and desires, fun runs is a great component to the running community to bring out the inner child in all of us.

If you have participated in any the fun runs mentioned or any other fun run I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and views.   If you are interested in trying out any of the fun runs mentions check out their websites.