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Inspired Living

Ultra Girl! June 3, 2009 100 mile training journey

Sarah Stanley

So, even though I have been training for weeks, I have decided that it would be fun to document my journey. Not only will it be neat for myself to go back & see what I did, but I thought you would enjoy "training along" with me via reading and video! So, today's workout was a 12 mile run. It was very humid. Ran it slower then I was supposed to. I am still feeling the 10miler race I did a 1.5weeks ago. I really should get a massage. That would help my legs!

I also did weights and ab/core work later on. Always feels good to lift!

Today I also had to have minor foot surgery. Painful. Not fun. BUT, running won't be as painful now, so that is a good thing! As the doctor was getting ready with various "tools" and other devices I would rather not look to closely at, he made the comment, "you can handle this pain, you run ultra's"! I said you are correct:) So, after the surgery I went (limping) on with the rest of my day! Yeah, not much can stop me:)

Day 1 of documenting DONE. Many more to go! :)

Photo by cpt.spock