Gluten free foods, restaurant offerings, and even gluten free cosmetics are all the rage.  Industries of all kinds are meeting the growing demand of Americans that are gluten free intolerant or prefer gluten free diets.  As gluten free becomes more mainstream with consumers looking for healthier lifestyles, it was only a matter time before major partnerships between gluten free brands and national networks would arise.  Just last week Udis Gluten Free Foods announced a partnership with the 2012 Food Network Wine and Food Festival, becoming the first gluten free sponsor of the festival.

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods is the leader in the fast growing market for gluten free foods in North America.  They revolutionized the gluten free category by introducing the first gluten free bread that tastes and looks like real bread.  In addition to baked goods, Udis offers foods in pizza and granola categories and recently added 12 new products.

Currently 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease and another 20 percent of the US population may suffer from gluten free intolerance.  The US gluten free category in the US has grown tremendously to 21 million households.  Udi’s has made a tremendous effort and initiative in educating gluten free communities and consumers looking for a healthier lifestyle.  Not only have they partnered with the Food and Wine Festival, but they have solid fast growing gluten free community at Udis Gluten Free Community .  The online community is filled with resources, tips, community chats, supportive gluten free followers and amazing community leaders like Sarah Stanley.   The community also provides recipes, giveaways and new findings in the gluten free industry to provide the best resources for long time gluten free followers and those that are new or interested  in the lifestyle.

Udi’s success is built on strong communication with the gluten free community and commitment to creating foods of various types that have the taste and texture of conventional gluten-filled products.  To learn more about the Udi’s and the gluten free community I encourage you to join Udi’s Gluten Free Community. You can even join Udi’s gluten free community on your mobile device! Get recipes, event alerts & special offers. Text UDISGF to 777555. (Msg/data rates may apply.

photo credit: qb007