As I sit here in the airport en route to Boston for the Vermont 50 miler, a few things come to mind. 1) I spend a lot of time in airports. So much so that airports feel like home.

2) It's a privilege to fly.

3) Airports really aren't that bad - you just have to have a positive outlook. Being friendly and smiling at the TSA agents and flight attendants helps A TON.

4) No matter how much I fly, every time I board a plane, I am still in awe of aviation.

5) This will be my fifth 50 miler. Holy crap.

When I ran my first marathon way back in 2005, after I finished, scraped myself home, stayed on the couch overnight because I was in too much pain to even think about climbing stairs, I said I would never do another marathon. Funny how life changes, isn't it? After a few days, the pain subsided and the memory of running it lingered. And challenged me that perhaps I could do another one :).

Fast forward a few years and I have now completed 13 (?) marathons, 10 ultra distances - including a 100 miler. I don't write that to brag, I write that to encourage you to never say never! And to remind you that if you are a runner, you hold a valuable asset.

You see, running is a gift. Every time I stand at the start line and cross the finish line I am in awe of this precious gift. And this gift isn't just for us to use, it is for us to share with everyone we meet. They may not open the gift right away, but if it is presented to them, that is all that matters. Regardless, if you run one mile, 13.1, 26.2 or 50 miles, you have the opportunity to impact someone's life. You just need to share it with them!

Back to Vermont 50 Miler. The fact that I am embarking on my fifth 50 miler gives me the chills. I really shouldn't be here on this earth, but I am. Perhaps that is why I am reminded of this gift on a daily basis. And I only seek to encourage and inspire others with this gift!

Who can you share the gift of running with? Go inspire someone with your running story and give the gift that may just change their life. Forever.


Photo by: Trail Sherpa


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