It is no secret I am on the road a lot. But how does one eat while being a road warrior? Here are some tips that have been tried and tested by yours truly. #1) Careful planning! I count how many meals I will be away for and either make a mental note or write it down in my trust iPhone. I always carry nut bars, jerky and pumpkin seeds with me. Planning ahead prevents you a lot of stress while on the road.

#2) Containers, containers, containers! I can't stress this one enough. Small containers can make or break you while traveling. I pack Brewer's Yeast (great source of protein), Ground Flax Seed, Hemp Hearts, and Chia Seeds. These are my staples on and off the road. And by packing these with me, my health travels with me. There is no excuse not to eat for health while on the road!

#3) Farmer's Market's, Co-op's, natural health food stores. Make Yelp or Google search or your Twitter/FB feed your go-to resource for these hidden gems. I love to explore when I am traveling so I usually wander right into a Farmer's Market or co-op as I am running. Or I research the town or city ahead of time and find out what day and time a Farmer's Market will be open. I like to support small, family businesses so co-op's, private, natural food stores and Farmer's Market's are my go-to place to shop for food. Chain national natural food stores are my second option. You can usually get a great, healthy meal at Whole Foods Food Bar if you stick to the salad area.

#4) Be flexible! You can plan all you want, but sometimes life just happens and you don't have any control over it. Be calm and get back on track as soon as you can. Also, if you keep food with you, you won't be caught off guard as easily. Carry Tanka Bars, KIND Snacks, Lara Bars, or Bearded Brothers. Don't go hungry while traveling or yo

#5) Be wise! If you are eating out with business folks, be wise. Be smart. Don't let them guilt trip you into eating crap. Don't let their poor habits dictate how you eat. Set the positive, healthy example. You'll be credible and secretly admired. Stick to your guns!


Those are a few of my travel-tried-and-true secrets. You can eat for health while on the road!