I travel frequently. Frequently, as in buying so many plane tickets, I'm an A-list traveler. Code for spending a LOT of time up in the air and in airports. Anyway, I always get a lot of questions on how I eat healthy while being a road warrior. Here are my secrets. 1) Prepare

The few days leading up to my trip (OK, more like a few hours) I plan my meals out, how many days will I be gone, will I have access to any health food stores, farmer's markets, Whole Foods Markets, will I have access to a kitchen? I use Google, store Web sites and Yelp to find and research stores/restaurants in the area.

2) Pack

I actually pack a lot of my food(s). The great thing about plant and earth-based food is that they are packable. Nut and fruit based bars (LARA Bars, KIND Snacks, Bearded Brothers are my standbys), Amazing Grass individual packets of Wheat Grass or Amazing Trio or Superfood.

The second secret are small containers. They are invaluable for chia seeds, my own nut/seed mix, hemp hearts, ground flax seeds and brewers yeast. These are all things I eat on a daily basis. They store easily in my carry-on (I don't check bags) and easy to use. You can even pack a spoon if you need to.

The third secret are small Ziploc bags. You can make individual servings of nuts/dried fruit/seeds or any of the above earth-based food items.

Little containers and Ziploc bags are a staple of eating for health while on the road.

3) Plan

Planning is critical to making sure you eat healthy (and I realize that is a loaded word) on the road. If you know you are weak in a certain area, admit that and only allow yourself to have it one time or if having it just one time causes you to have more, don't have it at all. Hold yourself accountable. When I eat out, I make wise choices. If I am by myself, I will pick out a place where I have options. If I am with other people and the decision isn't mine, I pray for a Hail Mary. Kidding. I just do the best with what I'm given. For example, the other night the others wanted pizza. How does a person who doesn't eat grains, dairy or most meat, eat at a pizza place?! I didn't know, but I was going to find out! I was BEYOND thankful that this place had some options. It just took a little asking on my part. I ended up with a fresh veggie salad with straight tuna. Now, the veggie salad wasn't iceberg lettuce (no nutritional value), BUT fresh carrots, red cabbage, red beets, romaine lettuce, sprouts and from a can/jar black olives and artichoke hearts and I asked for avocado. Always ask for avocado. It's a healthy fat and you can usually count on it being fresh. They will probably up-charge you for it, but that's OK. I asked for no cheese and no bread and a pitcher of water. (And keep in mind that I just ran a marathon too.)

The key with eating for health while up in the air is being being prepared, packing and planning. And of course will power and dedication and commitment. Visualize the body you are working for in your head. Keep that in memory when you are tempted to have that cupcake!

Don't use the excuse that eating for health while traveling is hard- it. can. be. done. You just have to want it!


(Now. Disclaimer. When I visit Italy (TBD), my healthy eating habits may be a bit different :))


photo credit: woodleywonderworks

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