This weekend was all about frustration. Everything from trying to get home & having to detour en route, to becoming so close to 4 drivers next meal, to an unkind post, to an AWOL friend. My ride turned into "tour de frustration". And I had 91 miles on the bike seat to get some of it out. While riding, I was thinking (yeah, there I go again) about frustration. I am sure I am not alone. We have all been there. Frustration can be bad. But it can also be used for good. How you ask? Well, let me share my humble opinions. IMHO # 1) What. In order for us to turn frustration into good, we need to think what is frustrating us. Is the frustration a thing? A comment? An action? A person? Identify it.

IMHO # 2) Why. Why is it frustrating us? Is the timing. Is it the person? For me, the why was the timing. When I REALLY needed to get back, a detour caused those best laid plans to come to a halt.

IMHO # 3) How. How can frustration be used positively? Even though it can raise our blood pressure or cause the hairs on our neck to stand at attention, surely there is way that it can be used for good. HOW we deal with frustration is key. How do we react? Do we get angry? Do we ride/run faster (ok, that's me I will admit)? Personally, after sprinting for a few minutes, I realized that the only person I was "hurting" was myself. The things. The other people. The detour. They were all in the past. I had no control over them. Even though it was unfortunate, if I continued to think about them, I was only doing myself harm. And let's face it, there are WAY more important things that need my attention!

IMHO # 4) Forward. So, a little out of the usual order, but it is a key point. The only way to move past frustration is to move quickly FORWARD. The sooner you do this, the happier you will be. Well, it took me ONLY 91 miles, but by the end I knew that going forward I could put the past behind me. Brush off the negativity. Focus on the future. Remain steadfast with my goals. Going backward isn't a healthy choice, moving forward is.

In the end, frustration will always be a part of life. It is how we deal with it that will make us a stronger person in the end. Just like my "tour de frustration" I could have ended it with giving in. But, I knew that if I did, I wouldn't win. And let's face in, I want to win. And I know you do as well. So, my friends, go win the tour de frustration!

Photo by Striatic