We are all familiar with the WORD diet. It is probably the first word we learned about but never spoke. We watched our families, friends and others talk about how they needed to eat healthier or eat a pint of ice cream, then regret it later. Or making sure they got in their favorite foods during the month of December so on January 1, they could start the "diet" only to fall off the commitment weeks later. Whatever the story, we know that our diet affects us & will make us gain or lose weight.

My approach to the diet is to take the word out of our minds, habits and any feelings we have about it and replace it with the words: healthy food. It may seem basic. But if we chose "healthy food" over "diet food" we will be more successful in maintaining a healthy life style FOR LIFE.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be writing about healthy food, what changes you can make to you daily eating habits, foods, ingredants to avoid, and ways to make healthy meals, snacks. If you have a specfic question, please let me know and I will answer it for you!

To YOUR healthy, fit AND happy life!:)

Photo by Pink Sherbet