You’ve probably heard the term timing is everything and it is no different in terms of your health, energy and food consumption.  Your biological clock regulates when you produce certain hormones and the chemicals that effect just about everything from energy levels to how quickly you burn calories.  To help get started on a plan to maximize your time, energy levels and health I have developed some strategies to get started.

Drink water first things in the morning – After a night’s rest your body is thirsty and by drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning it jumps starts your metabolism and hydrates your body from a nights rest

Eat Eggs in the morning – Protein not only helps you feel satisfied, but it gives you energy necessary to get through your day.  Eating eggs provides 6 grams of protein per egg and is one of best forms of soluble low fat low calorie forms of protein you can eat.  Protein lowers levels of hormones that prompt hunger and boosts levels of hormones that help you to feel full.  By eating breakfast rich in protein it helps reduce cravings and overeating throughout the day.

Get the most important things done mid-morning – You are best mentally mid-morning because your body levels temperatures rises and levels of hormone peak, which help keep you alert.

Drink coffee or caffeine drinks with lunch – Drinking coffee with lunch or mid-day helps regulate your body’s blood sugar response to a meal. By drinking caffeine mid-day it will allow you to wind down by evening in order to go to sleep easier.

Eat multiple mini meals throughout the day – Eating meals rich in protein and complex carbs prevents you from overeating throughout the day and keeps your blood sugar from dropping throughout the day which produces cravings.  This includes snacking in between meals with such foods as apple and peanut butter, greek yogurt and fruit, hardboiled egg and tomatoes.

Get moving in the evening – Working out later in the day may help you lose more weight.  Although working out early in the morning helps improve energy levels in the evening your body temperatures are at its highest in the early evening.  Studies have shown that when you work out in the evening you burn more calories and fat because your muscles are warm and metabolism is higher.

By starting to slowly incorporate these tactics into your daily regimen, you will be amazed of the difference your body will feel and it will benefit your health in the long run.