I'm still ticked off. It's been 2 days and my blood is STILL boiling. No, not about the Landis confession- FOUR years & $2 MILLION dollars, a marriage, and countless friends later. Never mind the fact that he is also dragging others in his tell-all. But that's for another day.

What I am really passionate about is the truth. In particular Run Truth.  I don't watch much TV. But I happened to watch some of the Biggest Loser episode this past Tuesday. (I refuse to even link to the show, so go look elsewhere.)

On the show they had the contestants run a marathon. 26.2 miles. On 30 days of  "training". The one guy gained 2 pounds. Then the trainers proceeded to mock him for it.

I am surprised people didn't  hear my cry of anger across the nation. Why? Nothing makes my blood boil more then seeing (and hearing) people talk about running a marathon like its a walk in the park. Yes, I know I make it look easy, but trust me its not.

Let me explain 2  Run Truth principles and Run Myth facts. Edition 1, episode 1.

Run Truth #1) Train Smart. To train for a marathon (26.2 miles) you need to have at least a base of 20-25 miles per week. And have to have run a long run of either 13.1 miles or  14 miles. The Biggest Loser had these poor people run 26.2 miles on 30 days of training!! This is neither smart, safe, practical or real. The body needs time to adapt to running that far over a period of time. There is a reason that the words "marathon training"  go together.

Run Myth #1) Training for A Marathon will make me skinny. This is such a load of crap! If you are overweight and sign up for a marathon and pray that the 6 months of training will make you fit into your skinny jeans or that suit coat from way back in the day, you are in for a rude awaking.

First, training for 26.2 miles requires you to eat calories (healthy ones). Because you need to fuel (food) to sustain your body while training for a race of this nature, using this as a weight lose method is not the plan for you.

Now I know some people use running as a way to lose weight. Running a perfect way to do this. But training for a marathon AND losing weight at the same time is just a recipe for disappointment.

Yes, you may lose weight while training for a marathon. Yes, you may gain weight while training for  a marathon. Remember this: Every Body is Different. What works for you, may not work for the other person. Some people may retain water. There are SO many factors that play a part in weight. I won't go in to it today. Just remember this: Runners come in all shapes and sizes. Don't judge someone because they aren't a size 0/2.

Through my research neither Bob nor Jillian have run a marathon. I don't know about you, but how can they tell or "train" someone to go run a marathon, let alone TRAIN them? If they haven't run one, I am not sure how they can ridicule someone for gaining weight.

Bob, Jillian, I ask you to train for a marathon. Over a 4-6 month period and THEN give advice.

For the rest of you out there and you have been inspired to run a marathon, (and I will insert here, even a half marathon), please, I beg you for the love of god, hire a certified running/triathlon coach! I will write a future article on how to find the right coach for you. But for now, just know that you need a coach. (Insert shameless plug here- me).

Episode 1, part 2 will discuss more Run Truth principles & Run Myth facts and how the Biggest Loser is really the Biggest Liar. Stay tuned.

Will attempt to go about my day. Still ticked off about the Biggest Loser. Don't be fooled people by what you see. Peace & truth to all!

Sarah Stanley is a sarcastic endurance athlete. She runs in her sleep. And is passionate about getting the nation healthy. Stay in touch with her by receiving her e-newsletter


Photo by aussiegall