I like milestones. How many cupcakes I can say no to, how many miles I've run in a year, how many ice baths I've sat in ... the list is full and fun. Today happens to be my third (!!) Twitter anniversary. Now, it might be strange to acknowledge time spent on a social network platform, but I count Twitter more than just a social network. I count it as a place where I've been able to make many new friends - and actually meet them. I count it as a place to spread the positive message of health, fitness, faith and hope. I count it as a place to encourage others. And I count it a place to laugh with you! I count it a honor to be a part of your life. Be it a funny, encouraging, health, or "wake up, life isn't as bad as you think it is" posts, I thank you for following me. I count it a privilege to enter your life 140 characters at a time.

When I joined Twitter three years ago, I never dreamed I would have a lot of followers and certainly never dreamed I would write 51,757 posts! These posts have been written from my heart. The struggles I've gone (and am going) through. The moments of despair when it seems like the whole world is against me. The times when I want to hug everyone and tell them it is going to be okay. Some posts have been written as I've sweated it out live. Running and live tweeting 50k, 50 milers and yes the 100 miler on my birthday. Other posts have been written out of my sincere passion for the health of our country.

If you read my posts you probably think I have it all together. Truth is, I don't. I've fallen. I've stumbled. I've cried. And my posts are written from this place. Because each day I'm learning that God loves and cares for me. I cling to this hope. And on this daily walk, I believe that other people probably need the encouragement too. Cue Twitter.

But no matter what the post, each and every one has been written from my heart. Each time I post something, I ask myself "will this help someone?" I've failed along the way. I am human after all. Despite my failure, my heart's desire is to always be a shining light in the darkness.

To those that have been following since day one, thank you. To those that have been following for one hour, thank you. I hope that my posts continue to encourage, inspire and motivate you each and everyday!

To the next ___ years on Twitter! Peace, love and sweat!