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Inspired Living

50 Mile Bike Ride in the RAIN


Since I could not blog LIVE during my training ride this morning, I am going to recap my experience for you here:) enjoy!! :) Woke up this morning to pouring RAIN and I don't mean a little drizzle either:) I have to admit that riding in the rain is harder for me then running in the rain.

But put my gear on, pumped up my tires and prayed for the 50miles to be over quickly....

Mile .5 already soaked!

Mile 5, wow this rain is relentless!!!

Mile 6, my skin is beginning to look like a wet sponge

Mile 10, had to "pull over" and take off my glasses, need glass wipers!!

Mile 10.1 ok, the rain really stings & hurts the eyes....just sayn'

Mile 12, how many more miles? what is up with all these hills? what gear am I? Girl, I feel like a turtle!!

Mile 15, cycling FAST downhill with the wind trying to blow you over & the rain HITTING you is an experience not worth forgetting.....or to repeat:)

Mile 16, cycling UPHILL as the water tries to push up down the hill is a very interesting feeling....I think....

Mile 17, me thinks: why am I out here? #1) got a 200mile bike race coming up! #2) to encourage others to GET OUT & get active....I must lead by example....yes...cycle on girl...ok, will do....

Mile 18, 2 more till 20, then 30 more....thinking how good a piping HOT shower will feel and FOOD....

Mile 20, woohoo!! only 30 more to go!!

Mile 21, even the flat roads seem hard today...

Mile 22, as the cars SPEED past me, I get another added drench of water..

Mile 23, the rain kind of tastes good, has a funny smell

Mile 24, somebody is cooking breakfast....I can smell the pancakes & bacon...should I stop & offer to taste test for them? I am sure they will be glad to offer HOT food to a soaked cyclist, no? aw...ok, will ride on...

Mile 25, WHEW I get to turn around and retrace ALL my tire tracks, not that they are there, but you get the idea:)

Mile 26, could I get ANY more SOAKED? My eyes are really hurting...trying to close them as much as possible while still riding and not crashing....hmmm

Mile 28, riding downhill is definitely harder in the rain, my whole face took a small bullets hitting me...eyes HURTING, stinging, need I say more?

Mile 30, 20 more to go, I CAN DO THIS!!! I AM TOUGH!! I AM STRONG!! Oh wait, what do I hear? a REAL gun? Wouldn't be a training ride with out that sound!!

Mile 32, THIS WIND, YOU MUST STOP!! Please!!

Mile 35, I can almost taste the HOT shower awaiting me...yes, I think I can even feel the HOT water...oh, no, that would be the car beside me...oops!!

Mile 38, will this ever END???!!! My feet have no feeling, my thumbs are numb...and my body is water clogged, I am beyond a human sponge at this point. It will take days for me to wring it out...

Mile 40, HERE she comes....chug, chug, puff UPHILL, man these hills are having no mercy on me today....what gives?

Mile 41, I can hear the birds singing...despite the loud, deaf noise of the rain crashing on me...

Mile 42, my eyes, my poor, poor eyes, I am so sorry, I really do love you...we are almost there...8 more to go...

Mile 45, I can envision HOME, a HOT shower & HOT feet gave up a while ago, they don't know when they will feel HOT again...

Mile 47, 3 more, I can do this, climb this mini hill...people are counting on ya girl, get moving!!

Mile 49.5 ALMOST there, why does the flat seem hard? I mean it's not like the rain has anything to do with it....eyes, you are almost home free

MILE 50!!! WOOHOO!! I did it! A slow 3:39, but despite the elements today, I am just thankful that I finished in one soggy piece...

Gingerly climbed off my bike, could not feel my feet, hard to unclip when no feeling...managed not to fall over...thank the door......peeled my WET, no a better word would be SOAKED socks & shoes off. Must have weighed least. Almost slipped on the floor...that wouldn't be good...

HOT SHOWER never felt so good (well the last time I rode in the rain like this it felt pretty good too)....some nice HOT food....still need to rest the EYES...

There, that's my thought recap on my ride:) Hopefully this will encourage YOU to go out & get active:) I INSPIRE you to:)

To your healthy, fit and happy life,


Photo by CGK