The San Francisco Marathon: Part 3! The next two days were Expo days and were long but fun!

The lines for opening expo day went around the block! People were excited to get inside and find everything that excites us runners :).

The Tech Center was where a lot of action happened! Here, my fellow ambassadors and I met with runners, answered their questions, helped with the new app and posted live photos on Facebook and Twitter (because that is what we do these days :)).


I was delighted to be able to share some of my running lessons at the expo! My friend Jimmy came out to support me - thanks Jimmy :).

The San Francisco Marathon had given the ambassadors wrist sweat bands. And let me tell you they were highly coveted! So, on Saturday afternoon, I hopped on the shuttle bus. About to make three runners very happy. I introduced myself, and then asked who wanted a sweatband. Of course they ALL did. But I only had three. So I asked three questions:

1) Who's first ever marathon

2) Who came the farthest away

3) The highest number of marathons ran

It was great to spread a little love and cheer on the bus!

I helped out at the Information Desk. By the end of the day, all I could hear was "quick question." Apparently, that is the phrase you MUST say before actually asking a question :). The questions were varied - from "can I use a walking stick?" to "where do I park?" to "where do I put my race bib?" to "where do I park?" (EVERYONE wanted to know that) to my favorite - a legally blind man who needed help getting his race bib, shirt and other stuff. It was an honor to be able to help him and the highlight of my day!

Soon, the expo was over and it was time to ... sit down! I almost forgot I had a marathon to run in the morning! I got a quick bite to eat and then hit the pillow. Race morning cometh quickly!