If you go to the gym you might often see blue or white Styrofoam circular rollers stacked in a bin, or on the floor, and casually  pass by them not realizing the many benefits you are missing out on.  Who wouldn’t want a deep tissue massage while relaxing the tension in your muscles after a hard run or workout?  Not tomention for half the price!

Foam rollers are becoming more and more popular in gyms and provide numerous benefits beyond a deep tissue massage - The three primary benefits they provide are increase in blood flow, injury prevention, and they help improve spinal alignment.  Despite becoming popular, many athletes are still in the dark about how useful these tools can be if incorporated in their workouts.

Proper blood flow circulation is important in warming up the body and preparing your muscles to work and using a foam roller is a great tool to help accelerate the process.  By using a foam roller on the legs, back, arms, and shoulders, an athlete will have more oxygenated blood circulating throughout their body, and this can help improve athlethic performance. An athlete that has increased blood flow will also improve concentration, and notice his or her stamina increase as well.

Injuries are an athlethes worst nightmare and foam rollers are a great way to lower the risk. Using a foam roller is similar to getting a deep tissue sports massage, which helps prevent the onset of injuries.  By using foam rollers consistently, it helps the muscles become more flexible to prevent serious injuries and helps smaller injuries heal much faster.

If you suffer from back aches or poor posture, foam rollers can help you improve your posture. Foam rollers help stabilize the spine and help correct poor posture, which can help improve athletic performance.  Using a foam roller can also help an athlete decrease his or her back pain and muscle spasms, which are common problems associated with bad posture.  Someone that partakes in intense activity on a regular basis will be amazed on how much their back aches decrease by the use of this simple tool.

For athletes of all types, foam rollers are a great investment to have at home or use at your gym on a regular basis.  They price of rollers average about thirty dollars at most sports equipment stores, but most gyms typically have them to use. The next time you see foam roller, use them! You will feel great both inside and out and your muscles will thank you.  If you are unfamiliar with foam rollers Greatist.com created a great infographic for rookie foam rollers http://greatist.com/fitness/foam-rolling-infographic/ .  This infographic provides a comprehensive guide to exercises, benefits and types of rollers to use for all muscles groups to become a natutual pro.