It's that time of year when everyone eats and drinks. And travels. And complains about family. Or the drive. Or the green bean casserole. And special for 2010  we can add groping to the list. Thanks TSA! And then, like a thief in the darkness of night, we randomly mention what we are thankful for. WTH? You just got done complaining and griping. Are you really thankful? Or were you peer pressured into being thankful? Be thankful because you want to be. Be happy. Be loving. Gosh, this sounds like a Valentine's Day post!

And be thankful from your heart. Be grateful YEAR round. Not just turkey and pumpkin pie week. Although it serves as a good reminder to count our blessings.

Here is a radical idea. Yes, I amaze myself with brilliant ideas. Kidding. Write down what you are thankful for. Put it in a special spot (don't forget where!) Then in February when you want to be at a beach sipping a margarita but are snowbound, pull it out. Read it. Are you still thankful? Or are you just thankful because it was the thing to do way back when? Remember, thankfulness is not a season, it's a lifestyle.

What are you grateful for? Reply to this post! Then in a few months we'll re-read them. Cool?

Now go be nice to those around you (yes, including the TSA). And don't eat the whole pie!

Photo by: Patrick Hoesly