Let me apologize right up front that the title of this article has NOTHING to do with a Guinness. It was just a clever title to get you read this. Did you really think I would suggest having one? Dream on, dream on :) It's St. Patrick's Day and what better way to celebrate it but by eating-and drinking- green things?  What kind of green things? Glad you asked!

Kale, spinach, avocado, wheat grass powder, alfalfa powder, kelp, collards, lime, parsley, cilantro, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, green apple, kiwi, green peppers...

All of these fresh, real foods give you LIFE. And when you have life, you are happy, joyful and full of energy. You receive your best energy when you eat as close to the earth as possible. And without big corporations interfering with your food before it gets to your mouth.

Want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Go to the store and pick up a bunch of these fresh fruits and veggies. Key word being FRESH. No bagged, frozen, packaged vegetables or fruit! Throw a green party! Here are some ideas:

  • Make kale chips
  • Cut up a green apple, lime and kiwi and add to a pitcher of water
  • Make guacamole with fresh avocados, cilantro, red onion, garlic, jalapeno, cherry tomatoes
  • Green salad: green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, green apple, kale, red cabbage
  • Wheat Grass "shots" (made with water of course)
What are you doing today? Go green and be healthy!

Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan