Spring is here! The budding of beautiful flowers, the smell of fresh air, the sun shining for a longer amount of time, cleaning your house, and sprucing up your health! Spring brings new beginnings and fresh opportunities to be an even healthier YOU! Maybe it’s time to trim some pounds or try a new diet in case you have veered off course from your New Year's resolutions. If change is calling out to you, it might be time to try gluten-free! Udi’s Gluten Free presents amazing alternatives for a healthy gluten free lifestyle. Since Spring is approaching it is time to revamp your recipes. Try a delicious Spring Greens with Beets, Avocado &Fennel salad, or Gluten-Free Spring Asparagus Frittata! Try these recipes this week. And be sure to visit the community too! 

Why go gluten-free? For the benefit of your health. The food we eat today is not the same as our grandparents ate. It is difficult for some humans to fully digest wheat, wheat is a pro-inflammatory agent which often converts to sugar, wheat can cause leaky gut syndrome which puts toxins into your bloodstream, and many people have gluten sensitivity resulting in celiac disease. Wheat can be extremely toxic to your body.

Spring clean your body and get rid of the toxins just as you would clean your house. If you think you have an allergy to wheat, try going gluten free and see how great you feel. It is time to clean yourself up internally by trying the best thing for your health during this new spring time season!

Open your windows, get some fresh air, enjoy your surroundings and relish blooming into a new you!

Photo credit: Kerem Tapani