Welcome to Soul Food. Each Sunday, on this site, we focus on healthy living by reflecting on our soul and God. For if we neglect that, we have lost everything. (Luke 9:25 and Matthew 16:26.) The day this is published, it is Easter Sunday. A code for wearing a new dress as well as the color white. But Easter is so much more than that. It is a day of resurrection. New life. Hope. The old is in the past and the future is just beginning. Recently, I've been thinking about the past and the future.

There is no question about it, life can be complex, overwhelming, frustrating and daunting. And when the past seems greater than the future, our perspective can shift from living in hope and freedom to doom and gloom. The enemy wants us to stay in the past instead of living with faith and peace.

Just as we look forward to wearing a new dress (me included - hey it's a rare occasion that I'm not in spandex!) so should we look forward to what lies ahead. So many of us are living in the past and letting it define us instead of living in the present and letting God be our hope and future. If you desire to have new life, you've got to put the past behind you and start living in the present. 

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is a great day to put those things that bother you, haunt you or trouble you and say no more. Shake them off and start living in peace and blessing. New life begins when we want to change and work on our hangups. Hangups can be stepping stones to having a better life by working on what troubles us. Or it can enslave us to a life of misery and defeat.

Is something from your past bothering you? Does it seem like your past overshadows everything you do? Today is a great day to stop living in the past and start living in the truth. Living in truth and peace is better than living in lies.

It's Easter Sunday. How can you start living from here on out in faith, peace, happiness, joy, love? Wear your new dress. Enjoy wearing white again. But don't forget to start wearing the truth of the present, instead of the lies of the past.


photo credit: Aunt Owwee