Welcome to Soul Food. Each Sunday on this site we focus on healthy living by reflecting on our soul and God. For if we neglect that, we have lost everything. (Luke 9:25 and Matthew 16:26.) Question: Do you have a need?

This past week I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. My needs were filling up like a box of assorted chocolates. And the names were not tempting in the least little bit. As I laid in bed one morning, my eyes stared at the ceiling above me, wondering what would hit me next, a verse suddenly flashed across my brainwaves. I love God's timing.

The verse reads: "And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

As I read and re-read this verse my mind was thinking faster then I could write. Here are a few things that I gathered when pondering the verse.

1) ALL. It says that God will supply ALL your needs. Not some needs. Not maybe supply your needs. But ALL. How powerful is that?!

2) Wants or Needs? It doesn't say "supply all your wants." It says "supply all your needs." There is a big difference between needs and wants. Usually our box of chocolates is full of wants. Not needs. Do we really need that car? Or that new outfit? Or that latest gadget (new iPad ring a bell?) Needs are often more practical - like a roof over our head. Or food. Or a health miracle. Often when we look deep into our heart we see that what we want is very different from we need. God won't supply our wants, he'll supply our needs.

3) A promise. This verse is a promise to me and I hope to you too. When it seems like our needs are overflowing, God will be right there supplying for you. Perhaps not in the way you think he should supply you or when He supplies your need, but he will supply for you.

4) Sin or blessing? Also, God won't bless disobedience or sin. God will bless those who live and honor him. This verse made me realize that in order for me to have my needs supplied by Jesus I need to be walking with Him so I can be blessed. Blessing comes when we make God-honoring and God-fearing choices.

5) Timing. It is also about timing. When we have a need, God's timing is perfect. And by perfect timing I mean not when I want it, but when God wants it. Personally, this can be frustrating for me. I like to have a plan and know what, when and how things will happen. But each day God is showing me that it isn't about my timing, but His. And that's where trusting and having faith that God will supply ALL my needs comes into play.

I don't know how God will supply my box of chocolates needs, but I have faith that He will supply them. And I'm excited to see how He supplies them :).

Food for thought No. 1: Is your box of chocolates a need or a want?

Food for thought No. 2: Will you trust God to supply your needs?


photo by Marit & Toomas Hinosaar