3677282034_cc803aa513_oWhat if Social Media would vanish? If Twitter, Facebook, Digg and the host of other social media platforms would be taken hostage how would it impact your life? What would you do? Cry? Run? Scream? I recently asked this question & apparently we would be a healthier nation because everyone would want to run.

Jokes aside though, seriously how would you live? What would you do differently? Would you pick up new habits? Would you read more? Would you use the phone more? Do you even have a phone number to call them?

Social Media has been used to break stories, raise money, make money and flip burgers. Well maybe not, but you get the idea. The moral of the story is this: make people & relationships a part of your every day life. Get email addresses, phone numbers. Are there people that you would be sad if they weren't in your life? Reach out. Make a real friend. A real connection.

Make Social Media a part of your life, not your life.


Photos by:  Ivan Walsh and Gwennypics