So, for the month of July I had a **little** personal goal of running+cycling 1000 miles. Yup you read that right, 1k miles. I knew that it would be tough to get in the miles due to my travel schedule. Over the weekend I realized that I would have to get in 350 miles in 6 days. Totally doable. However, a little thing called "taper" was going to start. AND. I was starting to feel tired. I really did not want to face the facts swirling in my head. Then I remembered what my coach told me a few months ago, "being an athlete is more then just performance, it is being a smart athlete".

So with that thought, I made the hard decision to NOT go after the personal goal. I will be VERY close to it. But for my main goal to happen-and do it WELL-I know I made the right call. And, I said all of that for the next profound statement. Be smart, not head strong. This is mainly for me to read. But I hope it helps you as well.

As you know, I am a very focused gal. And sometimes I am SO focused on a goal that I don't want to admit that it might not be the right thing to do. I am slowly learning the lesson. It has taken a few years. While I really want to do the miles this month I know that I will set my self up for injury, tiredness and a mile heavy body.

The lesson that I am STILL learning is to be smart. Not only in training. But also life. Sometime we have goals or things we would like to do, but how often are they really the smart thing for us? Its GREAT to have goals, but as you go about achieving them, make sure you are being wise about them. I know, easier said then done.

That is where friends, coaches and good, sound & wise counsel come in to play. Use it. Do it.

But watch out September, I will again go after the 1000 mile goal. And I know at that time it will be the right AND the smart thing to do.

Photo by Alainf1