Part one on SHOES Recently, there have been some articles on "running" I figured I may as well add my 2 cents worth:)

In the articles, there are 2 sides of the fence, running barefoot (or a "barely there shoe") or wearing footwear. Both have good arguments. Running barefoot may get your feet dirty, land you in a hospital because you stepped on nail, but YOU ARE running natural, so therefore taking a high risk of self inflicted injury is ok for ya. Running/walking in shoes may not be natural, but you are would like to protect your feet from what is on the ground. Shoes with proper inserts (Super Feet) may also help your body.

Some say that shoes are just a waste of money, others claim that the Kenya's also run barefoot, so we should as well (will it make us faster? I don't think so).

I would like to point out that in these articles I have read, not one has mentioned HIGH HEELS. These kind of shoes are clearly the worst kind of shoe, so before we start running with naked feet, maybe we should spend less time in high heels (guys you have it easy in this area) and make sure that we are in supportive footwear.

While I do support the naked feet concept, I do feel that the proper running shoes will help you not only with your running/walking/exercise, but also may protect you from diseases & unnecessary hospital/ER visits.

I think growing up barefoot is a great idea...your feet have room to breathe, grow & avoid squeezed toes! And walking in the fresh grass is just plain fun with bare-feet!:) Going barefoot at an early age also helps prevent issues later down the road (just my personal thoughts though).

On the shoe's side, I do recommend that shoes that you are "fitted" for. This means going to a specialty running store & I also highly recommend Super Feet. These are inserts that go inside of your shoes (take out the wafer thin liner, it doesn't give your foot any support). They give your arch support & help to give your body alignment.

While the Kenya's & other people may train in bare-feet, we are not all the super elite runners, so I think sticking with shoes is a good idea. These are just my thoughts....I know I am going to stick to wearing my shoes 'cause I don't feel like visiting the ER for self induced trauma.

Part two to come soon!

disclaimer: these are my thoughts alone, feel free to take or leave it:)

Photo by Sling@Flickr