Over the past weekend I had a busy training schedule! A 20 mile long run on Saturday morning in the high humidity in 80+ degree temperature, was tough. Then Sunday, the weather changed to low 40's and WIND! My 80 mile ride also proved to be a "fun" challenge.  While running & riding I had a lot ofquality time to THINK. Big surprise there I know:)

As I was running in the very humid weather Saturday morning & the miles wore on, I thought of one of my favorite book as a kid, "The Little Blue Engine". I am sure we all remember the famous tag line "I think I can, I think I can". While I love the message the book is trying to send, I realized that if we only think we can, it is going to be that much HARDER to do whatever we set out.  Why not change it to "I KNOW I can"?! By telling yourself "I know I can" you set yourself up for success!

As I struggled to finish the last few miles I reminded myself that no mater what, I KNEW I could finish and I DID!! :)

So, no mater what you are facing today or in the future, remind YOURSELF, that YOU CAN& YOU WILL!

Photo by Kevin Dooley