Sometimes as we are running the course known as life, we can get a bit tired. What do you do when you are in the tired stage? Quit, give up, have the "poor me" attitude? It is so easy to "fall" of the course and get sympathy for what we might be going through. I don't know what you might be facing today, but when I woke up this morning, I felt being lead to write about this morning. I want to encourage you to keep on the race course! You don't know what is in store for you....things may look bleak, but please stay strong & don't give up! I have had my share of "bad cards" as one would say so I know the feelings you are having. When feeling like this, I encourage you to do the following things, it may just help you & forget how bad you have it:)


Do something for someone else!

Take a walk!


Talk to someone....or email

Be positive even when you don't feel like it...YES:)

If this helped you in anyway, would love to hear from you!!

Praying & thinking of you, even though I don't know you!!

To your healthy, fit & HAPPY life!


Photo by Natalie Laurie