July 4th is Independence Day AND fireworks, beach BBQ's, picnics, and cookouts. In other words food. It can be tempting to to eat all the junk that is usually a part of the food festivities. Here are 7 practical ways to eat your way through the weekend. Do you have other tips? Post them here! #1) Fruit & Veggies Rule. Thankfully its Summer and that means fresh fruit and veggies are on the menu. Skip the dip. Nibble all you wish.

#2) Water Baby! Stick to water. If you must drink Lemonade, Iced Tea or Fruit Punch, add water to your cup. You'll save yourself from a sugar coma.

#3) Eat Breakfast. Start the day off right. Don't starve yourself and think you can pig out at the picnic later on. Your body needs energy throughout the day. Feed it properly.

#4) Don't skip a workout. On vacation? Take a walk with the kids. Go running. Its fun to explore a city on your feet. Visit a local gym or yoga studio. Use this time to spice up your workout routine. You'll feel refreshed. And besides its a great way to start the day.

#5) Balance. Don't deprive yourself of something that you really MUST have. If you want to eat it, do so, but make sure it is worth it. It better be damn tasteful. If not, find something else! Don't eat the whole cake, have a small slice and be content with that.

#6) Be Prepared. Does Uncle Bob always bring the loaded Potato Salad? Maybe Aunt Mary makes her to-die-for Three Berry Trifle. Plan ahead and bring something healthy to the potluck. You'll have at least one healthy option to eat!

#7) Love. Be kind to yourself. If you fall off the food and workout wagon over the weekend. Get back up again. Today is a new day to re-prioritise and continue on with the a healthy life. Don't beat your self up.

Do you have a healthy tip that has worked for you? Please share with the rest of us! If you have a question, also post it and I will answer it.

Happy July 4th! And take a moment to thank someone that has/is serving our country.

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