Recently I was thinking about being REAL. For example, I receive emails all the time asking me if I would like to get x amount of followers on Twitter in x amount of time ALL for the low price $12.99. This drives me crazy! Are "we" in a competition to have the more followers than someone else? If so, I was not aware of this race! Having thought about this for a some time, I got to thinking how these tactics not only turn people "off" but also why people are nervous to sign up for the TRUE or REAL things.

PEOPLE! It's about REAL life's, REAL relationships, REAL PEOPLE. I take everyone I come in contact with seriously & I wish that marketers would as well. If you want to sell someone something, don't do it before you even say hello! Build a relationship with someone! Be honest! Be upfront. Don't try to blind side REAL people by tricking them into buying something or signing up for something by building a relationship just to "use" them for your benefit.

Remember this, how would YOU like to be treated? :)

Be real. Be yourself. Be humble. Be a friend!

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography