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Inspired Living

Random thoughts of my 100 miles quest

Sarah Stanley

So, its been a few days since the completion of my 100 mile quest. I ran. I finished. I didn't die. I didn't see teddy bears. I didn't see people on skate boards. I did see the eyes of an bobcat, raccoon, sunk, deer and other animals. I remember each AND every mile. Seriously, I really do. The race director asked me at the awards ceremony "how was the race?". My reply? "It was a hell of a race".

And indeed it was. It was one of the hottest days South Dakota had in a while. Of course it was race day! It was around 95 for most of the day. Best part? NO SHADE!!!

I remember my feet. They started hurting very early on. Too early in fact. Like mile 10. I remember coming down the hill around mile 45. I landed on my right foot and heard a pretty loud "pop". I burst into tears. You know it had to hurt. I don't cry. I can not describe the pain. There are NO words for it. Pain isn't the right word, brutal is. I hobbled to the aid station and sat down. They took my shoe off as I tried not to scream. My ENTIRE heal was COVERED with blisters. **Side note** only later on did I really see what damage I had done** At that moment I could not fathom that I had 55 MORE miles to run. After duck tape, Vaseline and hugs from a very kind lady (Debbie), I set off down the trail. I will ALWAYS remember that moment.

I remember running in the dark thinking this is crazy. I have been up for over 15 hours and I am STILL running.

I remember running in the dark. Alone on the trail. Half being scared. The other half trying to run as fast as I could to the next aid station.

The complete race report is coming. I am still pinching myself that I finished. And finished well. Oh and didn't die:)