Race eve can be an exciting and yet nerve-shattering time. Did I train enough? Did I get in my long runs? What about the weather? Will I finish? Can I finish? Will I miss seeing my friends on the course? First of all, it is a-okay to be nervous! If you weren't, well it would be like not having a heart beat! Nervousness is your body's signal that something BIG is about to happen. Embrace it. But don't get hung up on it!

The list of thoughts running (no pun intended) in your head can be fast & furious. What are some ways to calm your mind? Here are a few tips for you!

- Stay off your feet! Go to packet pickup/expo 2 days before race!

- Keep hydrated (all week)! Sip water throughout the day.

- Don't try any new food! Trust me on this one!

- Be prepared! Lay out your gear, put timing chip on shoe, race bib on shirt, whatever you need for race day!

- Take a gentle yoga class! If you have practiced yoga before and it is something your body is used to, this is a great way to calm down and get centered. I would advise against Bikriam or hot yoga. You want to keep hydrated before race day. :)

- Take a nap! Close your eyes, relax. Usually the night before a race, runners find it hard to sleep. Get some rest during the day!

- Read! Have a book you've wanted to start or finish? Today is the perfect time for it! Or a good magazine.

- Pray! Faith works. Say a prayer. Or quote a favorite Bible verse. I personally love Jer. 29:11.

Have confidence! You will finish! The human body and mind are amazing. Have the will to dig deep when it hurts!

Peace, love and sweat!


Photo by lizbadley