As I get ready for the my 50 miler in the morning, just wanted to let YOU know what I do to prep for a race:) First, I make sure I hydrate very well a few days leading up to race day. This means no caffeine and LOTS of water. I drink Smart Water. It has electrolytes without food dyes or sugar:)

I also make sure I stay off my feet as much as possible, which for me to do is pretty hard, lol!! :) I also try to get a Runner's massage. (I will write more about a runner's massage vs a spa massage in another post).

I also make sure that I don't change my diet the day before. Always eat what your body is used to, this is NOT the time to change things!! The only thing you should change is to cut out sugar and fat:) Keep the healthy foods!

And, I always get my gear (shoes, clothes, food, fuel belts, sports beans, etc) all ready & set out ready to rock & roll in the morning! You don't want to be rushing around in the morning!

So, that is what I time for this chickie to get some sleep!!

to YOUR healthy, fit AND happy life!


Photo by Cloudzilla