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Inspired Living

Plan, Change & Action

Sarah Stanley

So, we are familiar with the word "change". Monday will be June 1st! This is a perfect time to think where we are with our goals. Did you start out the year or month with a plan to change something?

How is your plan working for you?

Do you need to go back & look at your plan?

Remember this: "change starts with a plan, plans begin with change". No mater what you want to change, always come back to your plan. Track your progress!

And remember, plans, change & goals are always a work in progress!

What is your plan? Do you need one? If so, start now!

Yesterday I wrote about my plan. I have many goals, dreams, & missions & it all starts with a plan. One of my current plans is training for a 100 mile trail run on August 22, 2009.

My plan includes a lot of training (running, core work, cycling, etc) nutrition, experiments (what food/liquids will work well with my body), rest, races to get ready for the BIG one, and determination.

No matter your plan, you need determination to succeed!

Photo by Mike Baird