Yesterday (Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012) the announcement that had been highly talked about, was finally made. Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes. It comes as no surprise. Her cooking recipes don't just use butter, no, they use VATS of butter. Not to mention tons of sugar, fried, processed flour and other fake ingredients. Even if it's a vegetable or fruit you can bet your deep fryer it will be turned into some kind of deep fried creation. This won't be the only post I will write about Paula Deen's announcement. This one will focus on the statement that she gave. Goes something like this. "I won't change my lifestyle, I'll just take a pill."  And then get a pharmaceutical company to back me and then promote drugs as a main dish or side dish. Paraphrasing of course.

Reading that just about sent me to the moon and back again seven times. Thank God for gravity.

SO, let me get this straight.

1) Eat like crap, take a pill and that fixes everything?

2) Get a pharmaceutical company to endorse your horrible eating/cooking/way-of-life choices?

3) Receive a disease diagnosis and DO NOTHING TO CHANGE your lifestyle?

Instead of using this chance to change her lifestyle and her cooking she instead is opting for no change and continuing to live a disease-filled life. This makes me sad. And livid at the same time. Diabetes can be prevented! By simple life style changes! By realizing that you only have one body so you may as well live a healthy life!

Quick side note. A LOT of diseases CAN be prevented. Our food system has been so tarnished with toxins, chemicals, processed, etc that our bodies can't fight always fight back. Our bodies are incredible and have the ability to heal themselves. But taking a pill, an injection or medicine seems to be the option most people are willing to accept. Because changing the way you live would take work. And effort. And commitment. And dedication.

As Deen reminded me through her statement, this reality began to sink in. It is easier to push aside personal responsibility and ignore the problem. Cover it up with medicine. Make excuses. Blame it on something. You name it.

Deen isn't the only out there. No, there are countless others who have received a disease Rx and have gone on to live the same old life. You probably know someone like this. Have cancer, but keep on smoking. Heart attack but keep on eating processed crap (it's not food). Whatever the disease is, it doesn't really matter. The point is that people view a disease as a license to keep doing what they've always done. Few doctors urge their patients to start BEING, LIVING healthy, but prescribe medicine. While medicine might be needed at the start of a diagnosis, it doesn't have to be a life long plan.

How many times on the Biggest Loser have you see people lose their disease Rx? All the time! What did they do? Sweating, eating better, unprocessed food and drinking water. It's not rocket science. But somehow we have made a LIVING a real-food life complicated. Granted our food system makes it tricky, but if you just spend a little more time reading labels or avoiding labels all together, it is not hard.

Personal responsibility. Paula Deen. What do the two have in common? None. By refusing to take personal responsibility for her health, she chose the cop-out. Don't let this be you.

Two quick responses to comments/questions that I always get. I'll address them right here, right now.

Perhaps you run 100 miles per week. Spectacular. But that doesn't mean you can eat whatever. It means that you CAN eat more fresh fruit veggies, fruit and lean, farm-raised meat. Nuts (almonds, walnuts). Drink more water.

Perhaps you work out and burn 2,000 calories. That's fantastic. Now fuel up the proper, healthy way. Fresh veggies. Fresh fruit. Lean, farm-raised meat. Nuts (almonds, walnuts). Drink water.

Key quote: You burn calories to live, not to eat whatever.

I love you people! My heart yearns for this nation. This world. The stats are depressing. I wish I could show EVERYONE how easy, how delicious, how simple and how fun it is to cook with real, fresh, whole, colorful food. You don't have to live the rest of your life based on a bad Rx. Make the commitment RIGHT NOW to start making small, healthy changes. Refuse to let a disease take your life.

I have many, many more thoughts to write about this topic, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is your homework.

- Don't succumb to the medicine mindset.

- Start making real food choices DAILY.

- Drink water. And a lot of it.

- Be the positive example. Someone is watching. Someone is counting on you to do the right thing.

Need help? Motivation? Recipes? Please let us know. We are here to help. We are all in this health journey together. Let's make this sick, unhealthy nation into a healthy nation. Game on!

Peace, sweat, love: life.


Photo credit: Mel R