The other night as I was panting up Lookout Mountain in Colorado (elevation 7400 feet) I shockingly passed another cyclist (everyone else passed me). Naturally, I said hello. It was a beautiful evening it's always nice to make small talk as we both tried to conquer the climb vs. the climb conquering us. He mentioned that his 13-year-old son was probably already at the top of the mountain. Then, he also mentioned that this was his first ride of the season. I told him congratulations. Then he said he had a 20-year hiatus. I was even more impressed and I admired him. For getting on the saddle and not letting the past 20 years dictate the next 20 years of his life.  So my mind started thinking. Who do I admire? Why do I admire them? And so I made a list of people I admire - as I sat on the saddle, slowly grinding my way up the mountain.

  • I admire the girl who stands up for her friend
  • I admire the guy who completely changes his lifestyle instead of letting a diagnosis dictate his future
  • I admire the woman who has four kids and still makes time to exercise
  • I admire the person who refuses to let the past dictate their future
  • I admire the person who admits, acknowledges and takes action to turn from their addiction & seeks help for it
  • I admire the person who takes their healthy seriously and turns their life around for the better
  • I admire the woman who battles frustrating health issues but keeps a positive perspective anyway
  • I admire the guy who treats women with respect, kindness and dignity 
  • I admire the teenager who says no to negative things
  • I admire the person who faces their fear instead of hiding behind it
  • I admire the girl who won't let guys treat her poorly
  • I admire the woman who had the courage to get out of a bad relationship
  • I admire the person who admitted they were unhealthy and started making positive changes vs. excuses
  • I admire the family that sets a positive example and don't carry a chip on their shoulder
  • I admire the person who forgives and doesn't let bitterness consume them
  • I admire kind, loving, non-judgmental people
  • I admire the person who stops the abusive cycle and starts living a better life
  • I admire the person who desires to live after God's own heart 

The list could go on and on of the people I admire. But the thing that is interesting to me, is that the list will never include someone who makes a lot of money. Or lives in a mansion. Or drives a fancy car. People that we admire comes from  their character, not from their earthly status.

Food for thought: Who do you admire? Why?

Photo credit: MShades