As I have been talking with my friends this week about my 50 miler this past Saturday, I realized I left out some funny parts....maybe it takes a few days to get the brain working right again? LOL!! :) As I was running with TWO things that had a battery, I not only had to finish my run, I had to finish before my watch AND my Dear BlackBerry both died on me...I am happy to report that I did finish with life not only left in me, but also a little in them:)

The second omission I left out, is that I realized that I need to hire a post race personal assistant! LOL...not joking!! :) For ultras, the after shock your body goes through (and I will admit head) you need someone to drive ya home, go to the store & get ice for your ice bath (oh joy!) bring you food, take your shoes off (cause bending over just isn't fun after 50), and tuck ya into bed. Not to much to ask, right? lol!!

So, those are my post, post race thoughts:) I am sure I will think of more things along the race...but that's why they call it a blog right?! :)

2 YOUR healthy, fit AND happy life! :)

Photo by Demion

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